Circle of Leaders (produced by: John Landon)

Welcome to the Circle of Leaders team page. You may view the band's music video below AND cast your vote for the Audience Award -- the winning team will win studio time from 1 of 3 music producers in Mid-Missouri, gift certificates to local businesses, and the opportunity to play at Rose Music Hall on September 20th!

To vote for Circle of Leaders: simply click on the orange DONATE button below, right above the video link. It will direct you to the team's PayPal page -- and you may enter a $5 or higher donation to CAT in support of the team. Votes = Dollars, and the team with the highest donations will win. You have until Saturday, September 12, at 5 p.m. to vote for your team(s) of choice. 

Thank you! Your dollars will go to CAT's non-profit Community Media Center, where members may SHARE their diverse voices with Columbia, LEARN new and innovative media skills and GAIN ACCESS to high-tech video equipment and other media technology. 

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Team Members

  • John Landon
  • Circle of Leaders